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We have a production history of more than ten years. Our company is a professional manufacturer of grease nipples and grease fitting. Moreover, we can produce other grease gun accessories, industrial parts and accessories, hardware tools and auto parts and accessories.

Our factory is located Diankou Industrial Zone which is named "The Hardware City of South China". It is 60 kilometers away from Xiaoshan Airport, and about 200 kilometers away from Ningbo Port, enjoying convenient transportation.

We have won a good reputation relying on the best quality products and the most competitive prices. We have the ability of developing new grease fitting products by ourselves. We can provide OEM service according customers' requirements.


Our tenet: With the aim of creating value for our customers.
Bussiness mission: Service by,promotion by force,creating value by head.
Quality Control System:
Consider Clients First, Offer the Best Quality, Focus on the Process, Pursue Excellence.
Our action rule: Provide specialization and individuation service.

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